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Irish woman and cat

2010-03-14 20:41:09 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Yesterday my sister decided to do a irish accent while holding a cat, its not the most amousing antidote she has thought up but i thought it was good

Though ill let you have your opinions as well

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New post,now with grip

2010-03-10 20:57:51 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hi All
i would like the announce that in my hand is something long black and extremly grippable, and that something is

lets all celebrrate with inuendo

Doing anything?

2010-03-08 20:17:17 by MXZ-SwordPrince

What are you doing right now as you read this?

as i type this i am playing pokemon blue on PsP

Im cold

2010-03-07 05:05:10 by MXZ-SwordPrince

How about you?

Im cold

Cutting my hair

2010-03-05 23:51:04 by MXZ-SwordPrince

So today i started contemplating cutting my hair as its became long and makes me look more feminate.
the reason im telling you guys this is because i recently revealed a picture of myself and thought that i might as well tell you that i wont be looking like that (if i go through with this haircut)

I has webcam

2010-03-01 17:29:43 by MXZ-SwordPrince

So a few weeks ago i recived a lapto and it includes a inbuilt webcam

so newgrounds, this is a picture of me

I has webcam

I have a confession

2010-03-01 05:37:17 by MXZ-SwordPrince

I have been constaly claiming to be single however this is not true

you see i do love someone.

my pillow

2 years and still together :)

I have a confession

Im bored

2010-02-24 02:06:45 by MXZ-SwordPrince

so ask a question and ill answear it

feeling depressed

2010-02-23 01:11:48 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Tis the 5th week of school and i still have no friends, not only that but its as if people are avoiding me or just dont like me
for example during recess yesterday i was standing by myself while listening to my ipod and this girl sits on the steps behind me and talks with her friend (who is kind of my friend as well) and asked why i was just standing there because it was creepy, i can piss people off by not even trying how fucking sad is that?

so today with my new facebook i decided to send out two friend requests to two kids that are in a class of mine, but unfortunately i have not recived a confirm or deny so that kind of saddens me

I think tommrow ill just try and talk with students and try and destroy the tension

So newgrounds opions/advice/flames? go ahead i want to atleast know someone still reads my posts


2010-02-11 17:13:37 by MXZ-SwordPrince