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Hi All, so ive been bored/sick recently and i thought to myself, i have no friends.
sure i have 50 friends on facebook but those are more like people that know me and just for the fuck of it added me (i seriosly dont even talk to them).

my only true friend is a 15 dyslecsic girl i met 2 years ago online, and shes pretty hot but we are separated by location, she is having a birthday party for her 16 later this year and invited me to come. but she lives so far away that im positive i will never be allowed to go.

its truly amazing how much i have in common with this girl. we both enjoy games, anime, insanity, and shes only a month older then me so were pretty close, its almost as if this has always been what my life was leading me to, meeting her and becoming a more social person. (i refuse to belive that i met this perfect girl merely by chance)

so your thoughts :)
My new room

Bad neighbours

2010-05-25 00:00:09 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hey all, so my neighbour and some guy are bitching and i dont know why.
plus im cold and i just had ice cream....owww

There are unicorns below

2010-05-16 21:34:06 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hi all
i bring a challenge, can you find the unicorn in the following video?

/* */
it indeed is a challenge.
but no challenge for a focused eye

What do?

2010-05-10 20:26:19 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Im sick im tired and i cant be fucked going to school


Poem/Song :) lol

2010-05-08 20:57:15 by MXZ-SwordPrince


Lights, night, fears of darts
happy fights are pure delights

Twisted minds that intertwine
~~for we fear the man below the stairs~~

grab a weapon and belive
because all you have will soon leave
~~but do you know who i am?~~

Attack the man below the stairs
just to see how much he cares

Im back

2010-04-29 22:32:59 by MXZ-SwordPrince

After 17 days i have returned and i bring new entertainmdeant

which i will be using more frequiently.


Yeah, whatever

2010-04-13 05:02:02 by MXZ-SwordPrince

I forgot that i promised you guys a update on my new haircut so i made this video of me singing (with a noticable shorter amount of hair)

Note: this is merely a update of my previous post.
ill be busy with videos and life for the next 2 monthsI

The end of my era

2010-04-13 00:35:32 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hi all
i have decided to not make any more news posts for a while due to fact that they dont seem to be interesting anyone, plus school comes black in a week so i wont have as much time

ill still be posting though.

Cutting my hair

2010-04-11 02:14:04 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hi all.
so due to boredom, i have decided to cut my long girlishly beutiful hair, into something shorter but hopefully still attractive

so heres what i look like now, ill post new results later

Cutting my hair


2010-04-07 23:39:01 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Hows everyones holidays going?

mine are great