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Entry #68

Good NewGrounds

2010-11-18 06:24:58 by MXZ-SwordPrince

Im usually excited when on NewGrounds, however recently i have lost interest with the site and its forums. especially now that i am able to enjoy more mature sites, which entertain me more then this one.

sure ive had fun here, but i can no longer have fun here.

theres too much complaining, too much love for what i hate. i don't belong here any more, nor do i feel like my time on this site is well spent.
So i will leave this site completely and change all my focus to other, more important things like school, friends, games, life and perfection.

maybe one day you will hear about my success or great failure.
either way.

My name is Maxell Xallow Zeloweaver, merry christmas, and thank you for your time.


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