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I taunted karma, and today i learn my punishmeant

2010-08-21 07:49:43 by MXZ-SwordPrince

For the past few weeks i have been taunting karma.
not going to school, pissing people of for no reason and creating chaos where it was non-existent.

well today i recieved my punishmeant, and its killing me.
my best friend had started talking to me online and told me about her skin condition, which unfortunately is going to kill her in 3-5 years.
after 2 years of knowing her i had no idea of this condition, had i known i wouldnot be with her.

this is karmas ultimate revenge, i lose my only friend because i didnot deserve her

she was always a perfect person, she would always encourage me to make friends and enjoy life.
but now because of me her doom is iminent

now i know i have to get my life back to normal, karma will only keep killing my loved ones until i finally give in to his demands.

this is going to be hard, NG. but i know i can do it

~For Annie~


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