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Posted by MXZ-SwordPrince - August 17th, 2010

I have always liked the idea of karma, the idea that the bad will be punished and the good rewarded, has always given me faith that as long as i live as a good person i will have a good life.

well, after a week i have seen the negative and positive effects of Karma and its toll with my life.

Lets begin with Thursday:
i was awoken by my mother, angrily telling me that we had to go to a meeting, i complied and we shortly left (walking to the location as our car was broken)
once their we had a discusion about my school attendance (or lack off) and how we could get me back to school (despite the fact that i actually returnted the day before). and after a hour we came to a agreement, a 20 day plan starting next week, consisting of me getting to school at at least 10:00 AM for the next 20 days.
of course, i agreed

after the meeting my mother and i started walking home, having a delightful discusion about cameras.
once we got home my mother decided to look up a shop online and see if it had a decent TV (because my one was fucked) she eventually found a cheap one and ordered it.

the next day i didnot go to school as the contract didnot start till monday

Monday morning:
i wake up and contemplate going to school, my mother keeps telling me to hurry up but in my head im thinking of why i should go and if its truly worth it.
soon my mother relises that the TV had arrived at 6 in the morning but since no one was awake it was sent to the post office.
i see this as karmas gift, i go to school and i get my new TV.
now heres the kicker, in order for my mother to obtain the TV she must drive her car, which is illegal.
but since its not too far she takes the risk

had i not gone to school my mother would still go to get the TV via car, but she would most likey have gotten caught as karmas payback.

thankfully though i went to school.

on the way there i checked my time table and noticed that if i got there now i would have a fairly shit class, so i decided to walk around the block for a hour untill next lesson started.
i finally got there and went to gym, it was fun for the first half but eventually it got boring.
this was when we had a test, involving thowing and catching balls, i went well for the practure but when it came to the test i did terrible, i got 11/10 but it still wasnot the best i could do.

i left gym depressed and headed for the office, hoping i got go home if i acted as if i had heat stroke (it was a fairly hot day)
so they called my mother to get me but considering she couldnot use the car it seemed like a pointless idea
so they told me to walk home. despite me being sick from the heat they thought it would be a perfect idea to send me out in it, while also having to cross roads.
i make it home and soon my day ends (only now i have a new TV)

today i stayed home, feeling too depressed and dissapointed to go.
and if i can, i wont be attending tommorow either.

Karma will probably give me more hell tommorow if i stay home, but even if i do go i will still feel outcasted.
its not worth going.

my life is fucked either way, i go and i feel like a loner or i stay home and accept the consequences.