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The return of LMPB

Posted by MXZ-SwordPrince - August 2nd, 2010

Today is Monday and currently it is 6:00 PM but it is the tail of earlier today that i would rather describe.

i awoke on the lounge and after 1 hour decided to get up and get ready to go black to school ( you see my mothers car was broken and i had to walk to school, in the freezing cold with a back-pack on my back) hell ensure from the start

so im walking and i start thinking, is this what i want? do i want to go back to that inferno know as school.
it was at this point that i contempated either walking back home or running away, forever. unfortunately my body acted quicker then my mind and by the time i could have made my escape i was already walking in the door, i was at school and walking into the greatest day of my life

eventualy i went to english and after that gym, this is where my day got interesting.
after a few embarasing but fun work outs we all got ready to do a test which involved running back and fourth on the gyms ground.
i was going ok at first but i was tired shortly, so i sat down to watch the event, firing up as it were.
then my ex girlfriend (kind of) started cheering on this other guy, and not for the first time. i wasnot broken hearted but i was in pain, she didnot even try to talk to me even though i was in a talking mood (which im never in) thankfully though i was able to talk with a few kids and i think i did that well

so then it becomes last period, im in maths doing my work and the girl that has been calling me a stalker decides to walk past the rooms windows and flip me the bird.
i was genuily pissed off that this woman would steryotype me, make me fear walking home behind her and then attack me in that manner (plus her friend tried to block my way earlier but i swifted past)
but of course thats little miss paranoid bitch for you

at the end of the day i start walking home and out of nowhere this black kid tackles me.

but thats life i guess you cant have happiness without sadness, destruction without existense.
love without hatred

i hope tommorow is better

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